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Sbs chinese dating

Sbs chinese dating

[Eng Sub] If You Are The One. S6E45. Meng Xue Leaves

Attract Like-Minded Singles – You'll Have Plenty to Talk About! Chat Live & Share Photos. Chinese dating show If You Are The One pulls roughly 50 million viewers each time the episode and scouring SBS's On Demand platform for more episodes. Single hopefuls reach out to the famed Meng Fei for help with their love problems​. The catch? Any potential partners must go through a gruelling interrogation. China's version of UK dating show Take Me Out invites Australian Australian broadcaster SBS began screening it with English subtitles.

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After all, Chinese audiovisual products are remarkably unsuccessful in sbs chinese dating an audience beyond Chinese borders and overseas Chinese communities. These considerations are further complicated regarding the Chinese context. While JSTV, reminiscent of other unlicensed shows in China, claims that IYATO is an original show, inspired by other domestic and international dating shows, the similarities are quite unmistakable.

Its popularity led other TV stations to create copycats, inundating Chinese television with over 30 dating shows over the past years. Remarkably, as Chinese television shows have largely failed to attract international audiences outside the Chinese language sphere, it even received international attention Sun Remarkably, the Australian did not localize the show remade in an Australian setting with Australian candidatesbut broadcast a subtitled version of the Chinese show.

The show had thus returned to Australian shores like a boomerang: Australian audiences were now watching an unlicensed Chinese adaptation of a format widely considered to be Australian.