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Dating someone who wants to change you

Dating someone who wants to change you

What happened to the insecure, sheepish girl who shyly looked away when she was caught staring at you? Or the girl who would anxiously await your call after the two of you went out on a fantastic date? That girl seems so far away Okay, enough with the nostalgia, the point is: Why do women get mad that men can't change, while men get mad when women do?

A woman can't decide to date someone, become more serious with him, but reassure herself that it's okay that she doesn't like certain personality traits because she can change them. Now all you men out there probably want to thank me endlessly and flaunt this to your girlfriends.

The truth is, whether or not she can change you depends on how extreme the changes are, and how demanding. On the other hand, if she asks you to stop talking about the good-looking girl on the street, you should make such a compromise if this bothers her.

Asking you to always ditch your friends for her is not a reasonable demand; asking you to stop ditching her for your friends is. Women expecting men to change is a way for them to feel they have accomplished the ultimate: change their men. This is one way to explain the Jerk Appeal phenomenon, where women tend to fall for the bad boy rather than the sweet man who treats her like a princess.

Nothing takes a hit at your self-esteem like dating a person who doesn't accept and embrace you for who you are. I know this from personal. But in the long run, changing – or trying to change – who you are will spell nothing but trouble if the change isn't authentic and natural. For example, if your partner wants to change you in any way. “It certainly helps if you're dating someone that you want to make happy and. You wouldn't want someone trying to change you. One time I was dating someone who told me they felt like they weren't good enough for me. But if he wants to change something essential about your appearance or “If someone is dating you, it should be because they like you.

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